My name is Genevieve Deborah Maswi or usually known as Debra. I was born and raised in Indonesia and then moved to Canada for my undergraduate studies in the University of Waterloo. My program is called Global Business and Digital Arts that focuses on UI/UX research and design, computer science, and entrepreneurship.

my story

"When I was 5, I did my first business."

I tried to sell stickers in my aunt's booth during a school bazaar. I remembered staying up late the night before, cutting stickers with my mom and feeling all the excitement. Unfortunately, this was not a success story. That day was the day I sold 0 stickers, cried all day, and also promised myself that one day I am going to be a successful businesswoman.

Mini Debra

Since then, I became an entrepreneurial kid that sells a lot of stuff between school breaks, including bracelet, nail polish, earrings, mini camera, flowers, tattoo, you name it. Then in high school, I created two start-up businesses that turns into a huge success. The first one is Boom!, a party planner and also Glamp Indonesia, an online store that sells lighting equipment for makeup artists. 

Boom! party planner table settingBoom! party planner stage decor
Boom! party planner photobooth
Glamp IndonesiaDebra and Glamp Indonesia

Through my passion for creating products or services, I notice that I have been implementing a UX approach all along, where I learn, build, measure, and repeat. I also realized that no matter what business idea I came up with, my aim is always the same. I want to uncover insights and solve pain points that are experienced by people around me.

So, here I am now. A sticky notes junky that loves to ask people 'why' (read: yes, I am a UX designer, no doubt).

Debra writing sticky notes
sticky notes
What I DO
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UX Research and Design
User Interface Design
Information Architecture
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User Flow Prototypes
Interactive Design
Motion Graphic
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Creative Concepts
Agile Scrum Management
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Front-End (HTML & CSS)

Let's make a start.

Enough about me, how can I help you?