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Senior Care Connect (SCC) is a startup based in Toronto that offers an online platform to connect families with qualified elderly caregivers. They aim to combine the affordability provided by a typical classified-listing website with a sense of security provided by a traditional home care company. Together with SCC, we create a mobile application that accommodates both families and caregivers.


iOS application


UX researcher
UX designer


3 weeks (May 2019)


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Laura Castaño
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Senior Care Connect onboarding screen

According to Statistics Canada, 46% of Canadians have provided care to an elderly at some point in their lives – 8 million did so in 2012 alone.

The Challenge

Finding eldercare is a stressful, time-consuming and expensive process for both families and caregivers. Yet every time an advance in medicine prolongs our life expectancy, the size and value of the elderly care market increases. Our challenge is to make the task of looking for a caregiver more pleasant and time-saving and for caregivers to be able to find jobs that are fulfilling yet accommodating.


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Survey and Interviews

Research participants:

Research Objectives:

3 family interviews, 4 caregiver interviews,
and 6 survey respondents.

The ideal user

From the research, we summarize all our findings in an affinity diagram to see if there is any common pattern. Then we created 2 personas based on the most frequent answers that we got throughout our study.

Family Persona

I want to find a PSW caregiver so I can focus on work and be certain that my mom is getting the best care at home.

Caregiver Persona

I want to give the best time for the elderly while having a flexible work schedule so I can impact their life while balancing mine.

Design Direction

Based on these personas, we found that the main problems and solutions for both sides are are:


  • The search is stressful and intensive
  • No choice
  • Lack of control


  • Both sides meet in even conditions
  • Control over the process
  • Caregivers apply according to needs
  • Families can choose whether they want to be passive or active during the search

Hence, we are planning to create an app where families can create a job post, receive applicants, and connect with preferred applicant. For the caregivers, they can apply to jobs that fits their preferences. In a short and easy process, families can search for caregivers around them and request them to apply for a job. All communication can be done once both parties agreed to connect.

Our design objective is to create an experience that will encourage both families and caregivers to invest time in creating detailed profiles and job postings in order to make careful and efficient connections.

Low-Fidelity Design

5 Iterations
Crazy eights sketches

We start our design process by creating pencil sketches to brainstorm (crazy eights exercise is beneficial to find unconventional ideas!).

Low-fidelity sketch GIF
Pen and paper sketches
Testing user flow and journey by using low-fi wireframes
Mid-fidelity wireframes


2 versions, 131 family side screens, 71 caregiver side screens

The design contains 200+ screens and includes two parts of the app — the family and the caregiver side. We prototyped the wireframes during the mid-fidelity stage and did a usability test before moving to the hi-fidelity.

Usability Test

5 usability tests (average score of 7/10)

The Goal

To find out if creating a job post and finding a caregiver is straightforward and achievable

The Task

Create a job post and find a caregiver for your mom

Success Criteria

The task is completed, less than 5 error clicks, and the business model is clear.

Final Design

Following our usability test, we improved our design and implemented the UI elements.

Senior Care Connect application logo

Comforting - Reliable - Friendly

App Features

These are the main features that exist within the application, mainly for the family side with some complementary features for the caregivers.

Search for Caregiver

Families are required to create a job post in order to connect with a caregiver. However, this method requires families to wait for applicants. Therefore, we created a search page that showcase available qualified caregivers that they can invite to apply for a job.

Create a job post screens

Create a Job Post

Families want to find a caregiver that best fit their needs. Therefore, the job creation process should be detailed without overwhelming the user. We decided to break down the question into parts instead of using a long format.

Duplicate job screen

Duplicate Job

Same job inquiries? Open the job archive and families can easily duplicate past post and edit as needed.

Manage Job

Once job is posted, family can manage all their job posting and take a look on their applicants. Preffered applicants can be pined and all most information are in point form so user can skim.

Review screen


To avoid fake reviews, user need to request for rating and review through the messaging.

Built in messaging screen

Built in Messaging

Whether it is a new connection or want to check mom’s condition, SCC app has a built in messaging that can be used on the go.

Cover letter screen

Write a Cover Letter

Caregivers are asked to create a short and simple cover letter that is a great opportunity to show their personality and to build a more personal connection.

User Flow

A glimpse of the final user flow for the family side with some feedbacks from the caregiver side.

Connect application user flow


We wrapped up our three weeks design sprint with a client presentation. Moreover, our application is currently being developed by a team of developers in Toronto. Want to try the Senior Care Connect's application? here is a link to the prototype:

Senior Care Connect

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